Pure Arcane Art: Pillorian sign with Eisenwald

PillorianPicture credit (c) Veleda Thorsson

Once more, we are pleased to announce another alliance made across the ocean to the Northwestern USA. Pillorian, the new band recently formed by Stephen Parker (Maestus/ex-Arkhum), John Haughm (ex-Agalloch), and Trevor Matthews (Uada/ex-Infernus), will release their debut album through Eisenwald in early 2017.

Exploring the context of obscurity, Pillorian takes inspiration from blackened metal, dark folk, and avantgarde music. Adding something ancient that hovers within the music and its somber aura, it helps to fortify the group’s audial scope in an unconventional way.

Pillorian plans to record this Fall/Winter, with further information to be revealed at a later point. We are really looking forward to their first dark metal offering.

Official website: www.pillorian.com
Follow Pillorian @ Facebook: facebook.com/pillorian

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UADA finalize US-nortwest fall tour

Portland`s UADA have finalized all dates for their “The Sabbath Of The Void” fall tour together with Helleborus. This will take them through the pacific northwest of the USA & CANADA including an appearance at this year`s Black Mourning Light Metal Festival. Find below the tourposter with the complete routing.

This tour will also see the band presenting the vinyl edition of their “Devoid of Light” debut, so make sure to get a copy directly from them while stock last!


Find UADA on Facebook and follow for news and updates.

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TARDIGRADA album details and song premiere

“Emotionale Ödnis”, the debut album by TARDIGRADA, is set for a release on October 28th on DigiCD/2LP/Digital. Info, cover artwork of both editions and the song premiere can be found below. The vinyl will be issued in co-operation with US based label Fallen Empire Records, who will handle the distribution for this format outside the EU.
112cover_websiteSwiss Black Metal is no new card on the table. Cultivated by the likes of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Samael early on, and bands such as Darkspace and Paysage D´Hiver in more recent years, this rather small country has always had an excellent leading artistry; and it’s no less so with the likes of Tardigrada.

Emotionale Ödnis (emotional wasteland) marks the band`s debut record that follows up on their already excellent demonstration mark “Widrstand” from 2012 and rare live performances.With all lyrics mainly done in the swiss dialect, Tardigrada present a darkly melancholic voyage; lush with atmosphere and texture.

Recorded and finalized at Iguana Studios and featuring custom artwork by Misanthropic Art, ‘Emotionale Ödnis’ sets the listener on a bleak sonic journey over the duration of 60 minutes. Intertwined with instrumental passages, just like a flickering dull light carried through a colourless landscape, it is a prime example of deep breathing, sorrowful black metal; ripe in execution and character.

1. I
2. E Sturm Zieht Uf
3. II
4. Die Wand
5. III
6. Erschöpft
7. IV
8. Emotionale Ödnis
9. V
10. Verfall

Follow TARDIGRADA on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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Eight legs fathom the firmament – THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR sign with Eisenwald

TFOS-2016-wColorado-based The Flight Of Sleipnir have joined the ranks of Eisenwald. To us, they have always stood out as another really expressive and outstanding formation and we are delighted to be able to work with them. The band is currently busy finalizing their next album, with further info to be revealed soon.

Formed in 2007 by David Csicsely and Clayton Cushman, The Flight of Sleipnir explores ethereal and progressive sounds with lyrics that pursue the rich literature of ancient Scandinavia. Throughout a demo, splits, and five full-length records they have continued to refine their sound; weaving acoustics, blackened metal, doom, and psychedelic all thread into one fine art piece. Freshly equipped with two live and studio members, they are now looking forward to adding the next chapter to the band’s development.

Clayton Cushman (vocals, guitars) comments: We are excited to work with Eisenwald, and look forward to our partnership to help us forge the next TFOS record and beyond. We are honored to join the roster of friends and fine artists as we move towards the next chapter for The Flight of Sleipnir.

In the meantime check out selected albums from their back-catalogue, now officially available on all main digital platforms for download & stream: http://hyperurl.co/tfos_stream

Follow the band @ facebook and @ bandcamp.

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Fluisteraars reaped what has been sown…

Fluisteraars_advancePassion for old craftmanship and nature are forged into their upcoming effort.

This release will be available on October 28th as a special 7″ single as well as in digital format. Up until then, we will keep you informed with weekly updates.

Follow US and the BAND on facebook to stay in the loop regarding the release.

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