PILLORIAN ‘A Stygian Pyre’ Stereogum track premiere

Today we premiere the first track of Pillorian‘s debut album ‘Obsidian Arc’ – exclusively with Stereogum.

The track is also featured on the upcoming advance album 7″ of the same name, which additionally features a vinyl exclusive b side track with guest contribution by Alison Chesley from Helen Money.

As of today we also offer pre-orders on the 7″. In addition, we have the first Pillorian shirt design featuring artwork by Misanthropic-Art.

Pre-order the  7″ (releases February 10th) and order the “Tied Hands” T-Shirt (shipping now):
EU: http://pillorian.bandcamp.com
US: http://www.dammerungarts.com/pillorian


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A winter hymn: MOSAIC – Old Man’s Wyntar – to resurface on January 20th 2017


An homage to Winter in conception, an explosion of expressions in perception, OLD MAN’S WYNTAR by MOSAIC, is an astonishing masterpiece of soundscaping. Its highly complex structure takes the listener on a many-faceted journey into the deepest realms of ice, snow, and darkness. With a unique mix of Black Metal, Avantgarde, Neofolk, Ambient, Neue Deutsche Todeskunst and many other elements and influences, it lures the mind and beckons to venture beyond the borders of its usual conversance. The course of the EP is shapeshifting between incantation, melancholy, desperation, fierce bitterness, harsh coldness and enticing tranquility. Its frostbitten, sharp sound entwines and channels the lyrical concept and musical fabric in towering manner toward the ecstasy of white, hostile solitude. OLD MAN’S WYNTAR’s grave repercussions echo forth a long time after its last note has died away.

This very special, extended version finally turns the EP into the treat of a full-length. Enhanced with an additional chapter, the total playing time is advanced to an incredible 76 minutes of allurement that will see the last unfrozen souls enchanted. Within these new chapter, there are various guest appearances – the german neoclassic duo Nachtreich (Official) contributed some string parts, Scorpios Androctonus (Crimson Moon, Ex-MELECHESH), Erik Gärdefors (Grift), Leshiyas (Vivus Humare), Barth (OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US), as well as E.H. (Wolfhetan) sharpening a true MOSAIC.

All music was carefully crafted at the House of Inkantation. For the mastering, none other than Patrick W. Engel (TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY) put the final touches on this unique winter journey.

Complete with a thick A5 book, reworked and extended artwork and 28page booklet, incl. an in depth interview as well as full English translations of all lyrics for the first time ever.

The new frontcover was crafted by the russian artist Alex Morkh Shadrin of Nether Temple Design.

The tracklisting is as follows:

[engl.: awakening & snowfall]

I. Incipit: Geherre (5.49)
II. Onset of Wyntar (12.49)
III. Im Winter (2.30)

[engl.: …of magick & darkness]

IV. Snowscape (3.21)
V. White Gloom (11.24)
VI. Black Glimmer (8.56)

[engl: joyful reminiscence & sacred eves]

VII. Silent World, Holy Awe (4.05)
VIII. Vom ersten Schnee (5.55)
IX. Silver Nights (22.24)

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Forged Iron: Release date set for Pillorian’s debut album

The release date for Pillorian​’s debut album, “Obsidian Arc” is set for March 10th  2017.


The tracklisting is as follows:
1. By the Light of a Black Sun (8:22)
2. Archaen Divinity (6:44)
3. The Vestige of Thorns (8:45)
4. Forged Iron Crucible (7:08)
5. A Stygian Pyre (5:05)
6. The Sentient Arcanum (2:43)
7. Dark is the River of Man (9:31)

“Obsidian Arc” was recorded at Witch Ape/Skyway Audio and Sprout City Studios by Tad Doyle and Stephen Parker and it was mixed and mastered at Klangschmiede Studio E by Markus Stock.

Cover art by Belgian visual artist Niels Geybels
In advance of the album release, a 7” single for “A Stygian Pyre” will be released on February 10th and will contain an exclusive B side track.
Follow PILLORIAN on Facebook and their official website.
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Expanding glances – THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR set releas date for ‘Skadi’

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR – Skadi, to be released January 20th 2017.
The striking cover artwork courtesy of the band’s own David Csicsely can be seen below.


Following on the heels of the 2014 album ‘V’, the 6th full length ‘Skadi’ shows the Colorado individualists The Flight Of Sleipnir more focused and settled. Taking inspiration from earlier recordings which work as the creative drive, they forge their trademark sounds ahead once again in Nordic spiked splendour wrapped in a new life-form. ‘Skadi’ creates another extraordinary venture, full of extreme metal and polarizing tension. There is a certain fresh simplicity in structure, though the further you delve in, the more complex and soaring it becomes. From pulsing waves of doom & stoner, decorative rock and prog to expanding glances into folk spiked with black metal-esque sparks. Whether you consume it at an intimate campfire or throughout stormy evenings, with ‘Skadi’ they have created one of their most passionate and artistic recordings to date.

Tracklisting of ‘Skadi':
1. Awaken
2. Tenebrous Haze
3. Earthen Shroud
4. Voices
5. Falcon White

The album will be released as Gatefold CD, Gatefold LP, Digital formats along with an album T-Shirt. To pre-order go to records.eisenton.de/album/skadi
or e-mail us: info@eisenton.de

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Pure Arcane Art: Pillorian sign with Eisenwald

PillorianPicture credit (c) Veleda Thorsson

Once more, we are pleased to announce another alliance made across the ocean to the Northwestern USA. Pillorian, the new band recently formed by Stephen Parker (Maestus/ex-Arkhum), John Haughm (ex-Agalloch), and Trevor Matthews (Uada/ex-Infernus), will release their debut album through Eisenwald in early 2017.

Exploring the context of obscurity, Pillorian takes inspiration from blackened metal, dark folk, and avantgarde music. Adding something ancient that hovers within the music and its somber aura, it helps to fortify the group’s audial scope in an unconventional way.

Pillorian plans to record this Fall/Winter, with further information to be revealed at a later point. We are really looking forward to their first dark metal offering.

Official website: www.pillorian.com
Follow Pillorian @ Facebook: facebook.com/pillorian

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