The Spiritual Connection: OSI AND THE JUPITER reveal release date and infos for upcoming EP ‚Appalachia‘

On ‘Appalachia’, enigmatic duo Sean Kratz (vocals, guitars, synths) and Kakophonix (cello) take us further into the unique landscapes that have been explored by Osi and the Jupiter since their formation in 2015. This time, they draw upon the surroundings … Continue reading

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Reaping the Harvest of MOSAIC – 15 Years of Supreme Thuringian Folklore

2020 marks the 15th year since the conception and birth of MOSAIC, the evocative, enigmatic brainchild of Martin van Valkenstijn. Harvest: Songs of autumnal landscapes and melancholy spans the first 10 years of MOSAIC. It is a collection of early … Continue reading

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New FELLWARDEN album ‘Wreathed in Mourncloud’ to be released this summer

Fellwarden was originally given life in early 2014 by The Watcher as a vessel with which to give voice to an epic, exultant form of black metal that nonetheless carries with it echoes of deep lamentation and remembrance. It represented … Continue reading

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Open your ears and receive the resounding echoes of ASHTAR’s Kaikuja!

EISENWALD is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Switzerland’s ASHTAR, Kaikuja, on CD and vinyl LP formats. ASHTAR are a duo from Basel consisting of Nadine and Marko Lehtinen. Before they formed ASHTAR in 2013, Nadine played … Continue reading

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Behold the full glory of BLAZE OF SORROW and submerge thyself into total ABSENTIA!

EISENWALD is proud to present BLAZE OF SORROW’s highly anticipated sixth album, Absentia, on Limited DigiCD and Digital formats Since 2007, BLAZE OF SORROW have been a veritable institution of Italian black metal, a scene and style too long overlooked. … Continue reading

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