Eight legs fathom the firmament – THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR sign with Eisenwald

TFOS-2016-wColorado-based The Flight Of Sleipnir have joined the ranks of Eisenwald. To us, they have always stood out as another really expressive and outstanding formation and we are delighted to be able to work with them. The band is currently busy finalizing their next album, with further info to be revealed soon.

Formed in 2007 by David Csicsely and Clayton Cushman, The Flight of Sleipnir explores ethereal and progressive sounds with lyrics that pursue the rich literature of ancient Scandinavia. Throughout a demo, splits, and five full-length records they have continued to refine their sound; weaving acoustics, blackened metal, doom, and psychedelic all thread into one fine art piece. Freshly equipped with two live and studio members, they are now looking forward to adding the next chapter to the band’s development.

Clayton Cushman (vocals, guitars) comments: We are excited to work with Eisenwald, and look forward to our partnership to help us forge the next TFOS record and beyond. We are honored to join the roster of friends and fine artists as we move towards the next chapter for The Flight of Sleipnir.

In the meantime check out selected albums from their back-catalogue, now officially available on all main digital platforms for download & stream: http://hyperurl.co/tfos_stream

Follow the band @ facebook and @ bandcamp.

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