Eisenwald May releases and pre-order options

All our May releases are now available for pre-order !

Besides the upcoming new UADA album “Cult of a Dying Sun” on several formats, May 25th will offer re-releases of the first two ALDA albums (Alda + Tahoma) on deluxe DigiCDs with die-cut and poster.

The ‘Tahoma’ double vinyl is lined up for another pressing together with SMGS Records and ALDA’s ‘Passage’ album will finally see the light of day on a dedicated vinyl format (Bindrune Recordings for North America).

Last but definately not least we have the re-press of FORTERESSE and MONARQUE (again together with Sepulchral Productions for North American lands) available for late May as well.

See below all links to pre-order:

UADA – Cult of a Dying Sun, CD/DLP/MC/DIGITAL/SHIRT – May 25th
https://store.eisenton.de/uada-a-2709 (Europe)
http://uada.bigcartel.com (North America)
http://uada.bandcamp.com (Digital)

ALDA – Alda, DigiCD – May 25th
ALDA – Tahoma, DigiCD – May 25th
https://alda-band.bandcamp.com (Digital)

ALDA – Passage, DLP – May 25th
https://store.eisenton.de/alda-a-1247 (Europe)
https://shop.bindrunerecordings.com (North America)
https://alda-band.bandcamp.com (Digital)

ALDA – Tahoma, DLP – May 25th
https://store.eisenton.de/alda-a-1247 (Eisenwald)
http://sickmangettingsickrecords.tictail.com (SMGS)
https://alda-band.bandcamp.com (Digital)

FORTERESSE – Thèmes pour la Rébellion, LP – May 25th
https://store.eisenton.de/forteresse-a-508 (Europe)
https://www.sepulchralproductions.com (North America)

MONARQUE – Lys Noir, LP – May 25th
https://store.eisenton.de/monarque-a-1029 (Europe)
https://www.sepulchralproductions.com (North America)

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