FELLWARDEN – ‘Oathbearer’ Album details revealed

In the deepest shadows of the mist-wreathed fells of England, ancient spirits are restless…

Created by Fen frontman The Watcher in mid-2014, Fellwarden is a project that aims to convoke the splendour of the fells of northern England, the timeless spirits that imbue the heaving landscape and the valour of honourable souls that transcends such trivial notions of time or nationhood. Defiance, remembrance, sorrow and triumph are given voice by the fury of atmospheric extreme metal – metal steeped in ambience, passion and exultation.

Inspired as much by the written works of David Gemmell, Steven Eriksen, Tolkien and David Hume as  it by the musical output of early Ulver, Summoning, Drudkh, Negura Bunget, Emperor and Bathory, ‘Oathbearer’ presents 6 tracks of windswept, soaring, epic black metal. Biting guitars and desperate vocals interplay with distant choirs and panoramic synths, soundscapes echoing of conflicts long past that resonate still within the core of mankind. Invoking also the rearing grandeur of England’s  fell-country, the whole record is underpinned by a cavernous percussive battery courtesy of Havenless (also of Fen and Virophage).

‘Oathbearer’ is a heavily textured release and represents the culmination of nearly two years of work – with its evocative songwriting and passionate performances, it is sure to resonate with those who look beyond the material and the banal.
It is due to be released on ‘16/06/2017’ on both CD and vinyl formats with the following tracklisting:

  1. Guardian Unboumd
  2. Sun of Ending
  3. Wayfarer Eternal
  4. In Death, Valiant
  5. A Cairn-Keeper’s Lament
  6. Sorrowborn

Recorded 2015 – 2016 at Shockwave Studios except drums recorded at Havenless Studio. Mixed by The Watcher, mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studios.

The Watcher – Voices, strings, synths
Havenless – Battery

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