When mountains speak – MOSAIC stage modern poetry written by Ulrike Serowy

“Fensterverse und Nachtgespinste” is an expressionistic EP by MOSAIC which mirrors Valkenstijn’s wide-ranging taste in music. He cites EA80 and Einstürzende Neubauten as his most important influences, who on this record are cited and re-imagined in a most unique way.

Breathing an air of urbanity and contemporariness, all songs included on this record are musical interpretations of poems by Cologne-based writer Ulrike Serowy. Serowy’s poetry is infused with a rough romanticism which can only sprout on the threshold between reality and imagination, between this world and the world behind the veil. Her language, both dreamy and compelling, invokes images of urban and non-urban landscapes which have found their aural inkarnations in Valkenstijn’s haunting compostions.

Ulrike Serowy states: “It was most impressive to witness how Valkenstijn developed my poetry into these aural re-imaginations. He found a truly special way of interpreting my poems through music, and in doing so he added a wholly new dimension to each one of them.”

Valkenstijn states: “Whenever I read poetry, I automatically read it with two things in mind: I pay attention to the content and the message while at the same time I ask myself if and how it could be set to music. With Ulrike’s texts I immediately realised that I wanted to work with her poems. She has a very specific, very reduced yet expressive style of writing and I wanted the musical interpretations to be just like that – they should be reduced to core of what is essential.”

The EP is going to be released on CD and Digital Channels simultaneously with MOSAICs upcoming full-length “SECRET AMBROSIAN FIRE”, on December 13th, 2019, – representing songs of the modern world, while “SECRET AMBROSIAN FIRE” represents songs of the old world.

Pre-Order: https://bit.ly/2Sfn7aN


1. Kein Licht, Kein Laut
2. Halle Kalk
3. Allerseelenschlacht
4. Rheinflut
5. Es geht kein Hauch
6. Als sprächen Berge
7. Nacht um das Haus

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