Reaping the Harvest of MOSAIC – 15 Years of Supreme Thuringian Folklore

2020 marks the 15th year since the conception and birth of MOSAIC, the evocative, enigmatic brainchild of Martin van Valkenstijn.

Harvest: Songs of autumnal landscapes and melancholy spans the first 10 years of MOSAIC. It is a collection of early material, containing the very first Mosaic recordings which have been released previously only on very small runs of cassette tapes. To complete the autumnal feast the orignal Samhain Celebration song cycle was added, which complements the early material and advance it to a full-length duration.

Harvest is an ode to Valkenstijn’s beloved Thuringian homelands. It takes us on a journey through misty woods and foggy nights, when the golden sunlight of late summer must give in to the autumnal cold that starts rising from the ground, when the warmth of summer must yield to the chilling breeze that heralds the end of the year, when the light must give in to the dark. Valkenstijn’s unique recitations of poems by Georg Trakl, Joseph Eichendorff, Max Dauthendey and more, together with his own original writings, evoke the scents of a fire crackling in the chill morning air, of mossy woods that lure the melancholic mind ever deeper into their enchanted depths.

Starting off as a delicate blend of the finest neofolkloristic/-classical soundscapes – think Empyrium, Sturmpercht or Rome – Harvest eventually erupts into outbursts of furious black metal in the vein of Germany’s éminence grise Lunar Aurora.

The recordings were thoroughly reinvigorated without losing their original appeal by Valkenstijn in May MMXX at his House of Inkantation.

This album will be released as on all digital channels and as jewel-case with a complete new layout and artwork based on historic photographs from Thuringia. A two-sided 24x24cm poster and a slipcase with the orignal artwork are also included.


Martin Valkenstijn – All instruments and Vocals


Heemann (Ex-Secrets of the Moon) – Drums & Percussion (Song 12)

Leshiyas (Vivus Humare) – Percussion (Song 9), Drums and Bass Guitar (Song 14)

Danijel Zambo (Walden) – Additional Atmosphere (Song 10 & 11)


01. Feuerspuk und Tannenreben
02. Dunkler Herbst
03. Schwarze Erde
04. Haimat
05. Golden Sunset
06. Autumn Winds
07. Inkantation: O Sun King!
08. Samhain
09. Der letzte Atem
10. Olden Hair (Blood is King Pt. I)
11. Inkantation: O Blood King! (Blood is King Pt. II)
12. As the Fields call from the Graves (Blood is King Pt. III)
13. The Commandment
14. Bittersweet Odour
15. Geleit zum Wyntar

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