Oath of defiance – FELLWARDEN sign with Eisenwald


Eisenwald are pleased to announce the signing of the UK’s Fellwarden, a new black metal project masterminded by The Watcher (Fen, De Arma, Virophage). Taking cues from the classic sound of early-mid 90s Scandinavian black metal and injecting it the epic atmospheres defined by bands such as Bathory and Moonsorrow, Fellwarden strives to take the listener into a windswept world of looming, jagged landscapes and the wrath of nature. Tales of self-sacrifice, defiance, yearning, loss, remembrance and heroism are intoned against a backdrop of soaring guitar chords and billowing synths.

Accompanied by a powerful percussive battery from Havenless (also of Fen), Fellwarden’s debut full-length – painstakingly crafted over the last two years – will be unveiled in 2017.

The Watcher states: ‘This is something I have been working on for some time now – music steeped in the majesty and mystique I felt when first descending into the mire of black metal over two decades ago. Fellwarden represents at once a hearkening to reclaim the ambience of yore yet also a vessel to channel the monolithic landscapes of the fell country and as-yet untold stories of the fates that lurk within the shadows there’.

Follow Fellwarden on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fellwarden

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