New FELLWARDEN album ‘Wreathed in Mourncloud’ to be released this summer

Fellwarden was originally given life in early 2014 by The Watcher as a vessel with which to give voice to an epic, exultant form of black metal that nonetheless carries with it echoes of deep lamentation and remembrance. It represented the culmination of many years of searching for an outlet to tell tales of self-sacrifice, long-forgotten heroism, of principles defended unto death and the rearing timelessness of storm-forged landscapes against a backdrop of windswept extreme metal.

Sonically, The Watcher drew upon some of the most celebrated acts within the atmospheric black metal genre to deliver this message – Negura Bunget, Drudkh, early Emperor, Bathory, Summoning, Abigor and early Ulver – whilst also taking cues from the best that the epic metal scene has conjured (early Manowar, Atlantean Kodex and Warlord).

Digging deep into the most stirring corners of heroic fantasy literature and taking great swathes of inspiration from the incredible landscapes of the fells of northwestern England, the first Fellwarden album ‘Oathbearer’ was released in 2017. Six stirring hymns of billowing ambience, enveloping black metal and emotive songwriting, the album weaved epic stories of lost souls wandering weather-hewn crags in search of meaning against a backdrop of scything riffs, echoing choirs and pounding drums.

The record garnered much acclaim from the black metal underground, receiving high praise for its textured approach and enveloping atmospherics. With this in mind, The Watcher has spent the best part of three years painstakingly crafting the material for a follow-up album that not only matches the power of its predecessor but takes every aspect of Fellwarden’s sound to the next level.

So, in 2020, the result of this labour is finally ready to be unveiled – the second Fellwarden album ‘Wreathed in Mourncloud’. Epic, strident, stirring, powerful, sorrowful, this sophomore album truly underlines The Watcher’s commitment to creating the most enveloping, engaging atmosphere possible. Inspired by countless wanderings amongst the crags and fells of England’s Lake District, ‘Wreathed in Mourncloud’ howls defiance, regret and remembrance to the bitter grey skies.

Layers of distorted, clean and acoustic guitar intertwine with sinuous bass and waves of flowing synth to describe a relentless tide of sound – waves of riffs and melodies wash over the listener whilst the thunderous percussion of Havenless (also of Fen) injects rhythm, pulse and inventive dynamics into the soundscape. The Watcher meanwhile adopts myriad different voices to deliver his tales – layers of choirs, desperate howls and sinister whispers are all utilised to weave these emotive hymns.

To be released on CD, Vinyl and digital channels – June 26th, 2020.

Pre-Order now available:

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Open your ears and receive the resounding echoes of ASHTAR’s Kaikuja!

EISENWALD is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Switzerland’s ASHTAR, Kaikuja, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

ASHTAR are a duo from Basel consisting of Nadine and Marko Lehtinen. Before they formed ASHTAR in 2013, Nadine played in Shever while Marko played in Phased. In ASHTAR Nadine writes all the lyrics and handles most of the vocals. In the studio the duo play all the instruments themselves. In their live formation, ASHTAR are a quartet with two onstage guest guitarists.

In 2014 ASHTAR recorded their debut album, Ilmasaari, with Mäthe Imboden at the OSA Crypt Studio in Greifensee, Switzerland, with mixing handled by Esoteric’s Greg Chandler in his Priory Recording Studio in Birmingham, UK. A year later the album saw release on multiple formats via multiple labels: CD by Czar of Crickets, vinyl by Throne Records, cassette by Antiq. Following its release Ilmasaari received excellent reviews worldwide, with special recognition coming from Tom Gabriel Fischer (Celtic Frost/Triptykon) in the German Deaf Forever magazine, where he listed the album in his personal top 10 for 2015.

During the interim ASHTAR took to the stage, playing across Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Austria and their home of Switzerland with appearances at such esteemed festivals as Under the Black Sun and Doom Over Vienna, underlining their crossover appeal to listeners of both black metal and doom and extreme metal enthusiasts in general.

With that momentum patiently building, ASHTAR entered the studio at Helium Records in Basel with Ramon Vaca and began work on their second album during the summer of 2019. Bearing the title Kaikuja, it has at last arrived and eclipses the mountainous, miasmic might of their debut. Translated from Finnish as “Echoes,” Kaikuja is aptly titled, for its dense-yet-spacious soundwalls bear a rich ‘n’ reverberating strength. Trace elements of black metal and doom exist once again, but are further spliced with the DNA of drone, sludge, and even post-rock, making for a heady (and HEAVY) brew that’s seemingly served up with ease by ASHTAR. And even more so than the debut, for a band that’s “merely” a duo, these five epic-length songs emit an almost-impossible density, bewitchingly revealing new layers with each listen. And at nearly 40 minutes, the landscape ASHTAR paint here is far more vast than that compact runtime suggests.

Open your ears and receive the resounding echoes of ASHTAR’s Kaikuja!


1. Aeolus
2. Between Furious Clouds
3. Bloodstones
4. The Closing
5. (She is) Awakening


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Behold the full glory of BLAZE OF SORROW and submerge thyself into total ABSENTIA!

EISENWALD is proud to present BLAZE OF SORROW’s highly anticipated sixth album, Absentia, on Limited DigiCD and Digital formats

Since 2007, BLAZE OF SORROW have been a veritable institution of Italian black metal, a scene and style too long overlooked. BLAZE OF SORROW both embody and defy the Italian idiom: medieval in its melancholy, nearly “romantic” in the literary sense of the word, but always revealing (and expanding upon) new shapes that keep their aesthetic surprising and ever singular. And that canon keeps growing through the years, with each new release a poignant piece in BLAZE OF SORROW’s breathtaking mosaic.

Although initially begun as a solo endeavor of multi-instrumentalist Peter, with a number of drummers coming and going over the years, it could be argued that BLAZE OF SORROW hit their first peak of creativity with 2012’s Echi. This third album revealed a more autumnal sound – the sonic approximation of flickering fires and the wind wisping through fallen leaves, the chill that creeps into the air prior to wintertime hibernation – harkening to overseas progenitors Agalloch, but adding to that hallowed headspace rather than merely aping it. With that album, drummer N. became a constant and the BLAZE OF SORROW lineup was mostly solid for the next number of years, culminating in 2017’s masterful Astri for EISENWALD.

Now, with new guitarist A.S. and bassist V. joining the fold, BLAZE OF SORROW are set to release their most fully realized work to date: Absentia. Comprising seven songs in a taut ‘n’ tight 44 minutes, Absentia bursts into being with a brilliance that’s blanching to behold. Undeniably emotional as ever, it’s immediately apparent, however, that BLAZE OF SORROW are operating on a different wavelength on Absentia. Their windswept, cascading black metal is undoubtedly melancholic at heart – their moniker was well chosen, after all – but the range of textures and sensations across this sixth album encompass a far broader spectrum than most usually associated with “black metal.” Laced within the deepest heart of Absentia is an aching nostalgia, a bittersweet wistfulness, and even rays of hope: doomed they may be, but delivered with an indeed-blazing passion that puts BLAZE OF SORROW into a rarefied field. Which is to say nothing of the utterly cathartic lead work here, buttressed by frequent detours into plaintive acoustic territory; shredded and shredding, these leads are immediately memorable and long-lasting, well after the final notes of Absentia have rung out across the soul…

Put more directly, BLAZE OF SORROW aptly describe their inspirations as thus: “Day, Night, Darkness, Light. With music, we try to reach the highest peak of our feelings playing what we we’re supposed to play. Our notes are captured from sadness, nature’s beauty, water, fire, earth and wind. Let the shades embrace you thoughts, let the abyss caress your soul. We’re what we are: a fire’s breath in the infinity of the Sun.” Behold the full glory of BLAZE OF SORROW and submerge thyself into total Absentia!

The new album is set for digital and physical release on April 24th.


1. Settimo requiem
2. Furia
3. Sonno d’eterno
4. Notturna
5. Hybris
6. Cupio dissolvi
7. Morte di un immortale





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VELNIAS announce new album “SCION OF AETHER” and premiere album track

The band’s 3rd album ‘Scion of Aether’ is set for release on March 27th, 2020 on CD, LP and Digital formats.

Stream the album track ‘Aurora Rune’ here:

At a glacier’s pace, VELNIAS has lumbered forth, savoring the craft that goes into their unique sound with vehement devotion. At last, we see their return as they unleash Scion of Aether. Through six tracks spanning fifty minutes, Scion of Aether is a journey textured by the nuance of VELNIAS’ unbound musical exploration. VELNIAS continues their evolution by breaking free of convention, fearlessly shedding the confines of genre. While carrying the torch of VELNIAS’ trademark “Oppressive Rocky-Mountain Dirge,” this latest effort expands upon their body of work with a confident maturing of the sound that is wholly their own. Laden with cascading dynamics through deft build-ups in texture and progression, the album dramatically traverses emotive soundscapes and explodes into engulfing heaviness. These transitions, paired with the seamless interplay of the instrumentation required for such skillful craft, are compounded through the composition of Scion of Aether. Each half of the album is interwoven almost as two massive chapters. Brooding, breathtaking, beautiful…words falter before such an entity. Recorded, mixed, and produced by the legendary Billy Anderson, no compromise was made to manifest the pure vision that is VELNIAS’ Scion of Aether.

A radiant crucible upon the oblivion horizon, VELNIAS conjures the reflection of the infinite aether within the fractal self. VELNIAS’ timely return bears with it the indomitable Scion of Aether.

‘Scion of Aether’ Tracklisting:
1.Fissures within the Construct 02:44
2.Pariah of the Infinite 11:03
3.Aurora Rune 09:28
4.Confluence of Entropic Umbra 01:40
5.Supernal Emergent 09:36
6.Oblivion Horizon – Null Terminus 15:11

Album Release Revelry:

20.03.2020 – Chicago (USA) – Cobra Lounge

28.03.2020 – Denver (USA) – HiDive

See Velnias on European Tour this Spring with UADA, Grift, and Solbrud.

‘American Black Metal Tour Pt.2 : European Alliance 2020’

Event pages and ticket links:

10.04.2020 – København (DK) – Pumpehuset
11.04.2020 – Jena (DE) – Kassablanca
12.04.2020 – Münster (DE) – Culthe Festival
13.04.2020 – Manchester (UK) – Satans Hollow
14.04.2020 – London (UK) – New Cross Inn
15.04.2020 – Brussel (BE) – Magasin4
16.04.2020 – Hamburg (DE) – Kulturpalast
17.04.2020 – Aarhus (DK) – Royal Metal Fest
18.04.2020 – Lichtenfels (DE) – Ragnarök Festival
19.04.2020 – Salzburg (AT) – Rockhouse
20.04.2020 – Ljubljana (SI) – Orto Bar
21.04.2020 – Venezia (IT) – Revolver Club
22.04.2020 – Budapest (HU) – Dürer Kert
23.04.2020 – Wien (AT) – Viper Room
24.04.2020 – Karlsruhe (DE) – Dude Fest
25.04.2020 – Winterthur (CH) – Gaswerk
27.04.2020 – Nantes (FR) – Le Ferrailleur
28.04.2020 – Köln (DE) – Club Volta
29.04.2020 – München (DE) – Backstage
30.04.2020 – Berlin (DE) – Walpurgisnacht Fest
01.05.2020 – Rotterdam (NL) – Baroeg
02.05.2020 – Drachten (NL) – Iduna

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FLUISTERAARS announce new album “BLOEM” and premiere album track

After more than four long years, the enigmatic black metal act Fluisteraars return with their third full-length record, “Bloem”. This new chapter in the ever-expanding output of perhaps one of the most creative acts in the Dutch scene is set for release on February 28, 2020.

Stream the album track ‘Vlek’ here:

The band recorded the follow up to 2015’s “Luwte” in E-Sound Studios, under the recording auspices of T. Cochrane, who contributed significant brass instrument flourishes on the record as well. From the first feedback-laden chord struck at the beginning of opener “Tere Muur”, one is immediately taken into the familiar Fluisteraars tonal register that has marked most of their output since the previous full-length album. However this familiarity is skillfully deconstructed throughout the following tracks, moving between ripping blast beats and greater vistas of lush melancholy. Again, the versatile performances of B. Mollema (vocals) effectively narrate the unmistakable songwriting of main instrumentalist M. Koops (guitars, bass, drums, piano).

Thematically, “Bloem” conjures old and reimagined folktales and legends in which flowers act as both symbols for birth and regeneration as well as crippling decay. The flower can be imagined as both an object of beauty in itself as well as a single glistening star in a whole night-sky of blossoming spring. The romantic naturalism on display within these five songs attest to a band wholly enamored with the forests and fields of the Gueldrian Veluwe; fully committed to capturing its seasonal shift like the romantic Oosterbeek painters before them.

From the beginning, Fluisteraars has been known to experiment with influences of psychedelic folk. On ‘Bloem’, this input is lifted into a realm of psyched-out rural black metal mysticism. In parts reminding the listener of old psychedelic rock by the likes The Electric Prunes, the minimal but extremely effective orchestration in some parts even touches on a production style reminiscent of Lee Hazlewood. However, what Fluisteraars offer here are not the very long and drawn-out compositions by which they are perhaps more well known, but captivating and moving songs, nowhere crossing the eight-minute mark.

Mixed at E-Sound Studios by M. Koops and T. Cochrane, and mastered by Wessel Oltheten at Spoor 14-studio, the recording is surely their fullest sounding material to date. (O. / Iskandr)









‘Bloem’ tracklisting:
1.Tere Muur
3.Eeuwige Ram


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