Werian – Animist | Listen to “Hex”

Werian – Animist | out on February 22nd as deluxe gatefold CD + poster, Ltd.180g gatefold DLP, Ltd. deluxe Tape and digital.

“The Nexus of Doom and Black Metal” – Invisible Oranges

“wild and very original titles with excessive length.” – Bleeding4Metal

“full of potential and seems to have a deep understanding of this type of music with a unique vision all to themselves.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

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For Fans of early Opeth, MANTAR, Urfaust, The Ruins Of Beverast and Oranssi Pazuzu.

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Portland Black Metal Occultists L’ ACÈPHALE announce first album in a decade; Will perform at Roadburn 2019

Self-titled LP due out April 19 + Band will perform at Roadburn 2019

Keeping within the spirit of the headless cult, the always evolving and self-defining project of Set Sothis Nox La now sets out to unleash its first full-length in a decade, the eponymous L’ Acéphale.

The tracks on this titanous, 74-minute magnum opus offer a varied, yet focused, listen with copious tension. While staying committed to their extreme metal roots and historical, literary themes, L’ ACÈPHALE incorporates and shines brightly with elements of monumental dark folk, spoken word, black metal, and almost martial artforms.

On seven epic-length tracks, spiraling with monolithic auras and blasting with furious whirlwinds, L’ ACÈPHALE appears at once aloof, yet savage with wild abandon, while at times delicate, but still unbreakable. L’ Acéphale is as avant-garde as you can get, while raging with blistering and cacophonous ferocity.

Recorded over the course of six years at various locations, with primary recording and final mixing taking place at Gabriel Espinoza’s studio, the Hellhole, the album contains feral fires that open to dormant specters. L’ Acéphale was mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion in Portland, Oregon, (Sub Rosa, Agalloch) coupled with stand out illustrations by Markus Wolff (Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot, Agalloch, Antlers) and features extensive layout design by John Haughm (Pillorian, ex-Agalloch).

L’ Acéphale is set to be released on April 19, 2019, via Eisenwald on all formats including glorious gatefolds for both CD and 2xLP.


Set Sothis Nox La – vocals, keyboards
Jared Huston – guitars, vocals
Markus Wolff – moog synthesizer, vocals
Danny Costa – bass
Charlie Mumma – drums

Guest musicians:
Geneviève Beaulieu – vocals, guitars, keyboard
Liz Abyss – vocals


L’ Acephale Track Listing:

1. Sovereignty
2. In Gloria In Excelsis Mihi
3. Runenburg
4. Hark! The Battle Cry is Ringing
5. Last Will
6. Sleep
7. Winternacht

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WERIAN Premiere first track from debut album “Animist” via Invisible Oranges

Mixed and mastered in analog, the debut LP will arrive in February

Mysterious German blackened doom trio WERIAN have released “Hex,” the first single taken from the band’s debut album Animist, due out Feb. 22 via Eisenwald.

Invisible Oranges says of the track:

“…great focus has been placed on both careful pacing and rock-oriented guitar riffing to manifest the all-important (and sometimes juxtapositional) feelings of complete despair and high-intensity introspection. Thick and swampy atmospheres here justify their presence at every moment: from the foreboding and slow-building intro to the song’s final dramatic resolve, everything feels thoroughly steeped and well-blended. ‘Hex’ has its blasting moments, of course, but like Animist overall, raw, outright aggression is often replaced with something smoother and more nuanced.”

Recorded in a live setting at Nürnberg’s Tonstudio Katzer (Venenum), Animist is a gorgeous display of three harrowing tracks using analog-only devices and was meant to sound as pure and organic as possible. The album’s unique black-and-white hand-drawn cover art was inked by Chadwick St. John (Grafvitnir, Svartsyn, Arckanum, Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation), who also contributed intros to the album’s emanations.



(Members are anonymous.)


Animist Track Listing:
1. Hex
2. Blade of Heresy
3. March through Ruins
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To the spirits that lie beneath – FEN announce ‘Stone and Sea’ vinyl release

For over a decade, Fen have steadily developed into one of the most intriguing bands within the UK black metal scene. Often bracketed in with the ‘post’ black metal or ‘shoegaze’ black metal movements, Fen’s sound is actually unique to themselves – a startling fusion of searing, aggressive extremity, progressive daring and glacial, ambient beauty.

Starting out with a pastoral form of atmospheric black metal on their acclaimed ‘The Malediction Fields’ debut from 2009, across five full-length albums Fen’s sound has expanded and diversified considerably to embrace a number of different elements all honed and synthesised into a distinctive, captivating soundscape. This culminated in the colossal ‘Winter’ album which was released in 2017.

In late 2015, the band recorded a three-track EP entitled ‘Stone and Sea’ which was a deliberate hearken back to their older sound whilst still retaining the maturity the band had developed across the years. The intention was to record something ‘for themselves’, to escape from the album cycle for a time and work on a self-contained piece.

I – Tides of Glass
II – Stone and Sea
III – The Last Gravestone

The three tracks therefore present a conceptual narrative relating to the coastlines of Eastern England. Here, the sea claws at the landscape on a daily basis, dragging earth, houses and even churches beneath the waves. These evocative, crumbling coastlines were the inspiration for the material on this EP. Musically, ‘Stone & Sea’ delivers a more direct approach to the Fen sound whilst also incorporating elements of traditional folk music and fusing it with a definite touch of the ‘epic’.

Originally released on CD as part of a split in 2016, Eisenwald now proudly present this unique recording as a limited-edition vinyl MLP. Fans of the band’s earlier works such as ‘Ancient Sorrow’ will find much to appreciate here whilst those admire the band’s more recent releases will doubtless enjoy a more immediate interpretation of the Fen sound.

‘Stone and Sea’ is due for release on March 8th as exclusive 180g vinyl edition.

Recording line-up:
The Watcher – Vocals, electric, acoustic and classical guitars
Grungyn – Bass guitar, vocals, bodhran
Derwydd – Drums, frame drum, shaker

Recorded, produced and engineered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studios November 2015.
Remastered for vinyl by Greg Chandler in 2017.
Cover art by Alasdair Dunn / Immortalpict Illustration.

‘Stone and Sea’ is a tribute to the crumbling coastlines of Eastern England and the spirits that lie restless beneath the waters.

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Analog experiences – WERIAN reveal cover & release date for debut full-length ‘Animist’

Historically, Animist is the world’s oldest religious belief – predating all forms of organized religion – and contains the oldest spiritual and supernatural perspective in the world. Combining atmospheric black metal and doom with the psychedelic experiences of desert rock and jazz fusion, WERIAN craft a stellar introduction using themes of shamanism, lycanthropy and consciousness.

1 – Hex
2 – Blade of Heresy
3 – March through Ruins

Recorded in a live setting at Nürnberg’s Tonstudio Katzer (Venenum), Animist is a gorgeous display of three harrowing tracks using only analogue devices and was meant to sound as pure and organic as possible. The album’s unique black-and-white hand-drawn cover art was inked by Chadwick St. John (Grafvitnir, Svartsyn, Arckanum, Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation), who also contributed intros to the album’s emanations.

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