November releases part 5: AGALLOCH – The Grey EP & The White EP


The final chapter…

Agalloch to re-issue ‘The Grey EP’ and ‘The White EP’ remastered as deluxe CD/LP/Digital on November 29th.

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From the archives of one of the most revered bands of the metal underground scene of the past two decades comes a reissue of two distinctive and important releases. The ‘White’ EP and the ‘Grey’ EP see seminal Portland act Agalloch strip back the traditional metal elements of their trademark sound to emphasize the band’s more elegiac and progressive influences.

The ‘White’ showcases Agalloch at their most pastoral – gentle acoustic guitars, piano, and field samples combine to create an absorbing, affecting neofolk soundtrack to obscure midsummer rituals in the depths of the wilderness.

The ‘Grey’ meanwhile allows the band to expand into more experimental, ambient territory by reworking two lengthy pieces from the band’s legendary second album ‘The Mantle’, reimagining the songs into something altogether more droning, hypnotic and unsettling.

For fans of the now sadly-defunct band, these two EPs represent truly essential listening. Having remained out of print for many years now, we proudly present sumptuous and long-overdue reissues of these standout recordings. They have been fully remastered by Gus Elg at Skyonion in Portland and each EP also includes an additional bonus track – again, these songs are from deep within the Agalloch archives and again, have been very difficult to track down for fans of the band.

All pressings will feature the artworks as shown on the original releases in order to preserve as fully as possible the band’s unique artistic vision. Nevertheless, to underline the value of these reissues, the first pressings of all formats will feature embossed slipcases made of thick, heavy art card stock, with excellent haptics.

November 29th will give these once-obscure recordings the official reissue treatment and these releases are sure to take pride of place amongst the collections of Agalloch enthusiasts around the globe.

`The White EP` tracklisting:
1.The Isle of Summer
2.Birch Black
3.Hollow Stone
5.Birch White
6.Sowilo Rune
7.Summerisle – Reprise
8.Where Shade Once Was

`The Grey EP` tracklisting:
1.The Lodge (Dismantled)
2.Odal (Nothing Remix)
3.ShadowDub (How Beautiful is a Funeral)

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November releases part 4: OSI AND THE JUPITER – Nordlige Rúnaskog

And nature heals in circles…

We are proud to present OSI AND THE JUPITER’s highly anticipated third album, ‘Nordlige Rúnaskog’, set for release on November 29th.
The album will be issued as limited DigiCD and double vinyl LP, which both will feature 3 bonus tracks for the first pressing.

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Helmed by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sean Kratz, OSI AND THE JUPITER first emerged from its cocoon in 2016 with the debut album Halls of the Wolf. Led by the ever-poignant, goosebump-inducing cello work of co-conspirator Kakophonix, the album set forth the band’s aesthetic, which would come to even fuller fruition the next year with Uthuling Hyl. Not surprisingly, Uthuling Hyl became many people’s introduction to OSI AND THE JUPITER, and garnered the group favorable comparisons to Warduna, Forndom, Of the Wand and the Moon, Sonne Hagal, and Vàli among others – esteemed company, to be sure.

However, OSI AND THE JUPITER are, by comparison, an American entity, which imbues their creations with a strange and totally unique disconnect from the Old Europa similarly channeled by those aforementioned contemporaries. There exists within their creative sphere a distant yet psychically strong conduit to the lore and traditions of the ancients – a veritable bloodline that empowers Kratz and Kakophonix. A surer-footed suggestion of such came with the Grå Hest 7″ this past August, and now fully blossoms with the band’s masterful third album, Nordlige Rúnaskog. Quite possibly the most perfect music for autumnal fires and the dying of summer’s light, here OSI AND THE JUPITER weave wistful ruminations on old days, The Old Ways, and the ways in which the turning of the seasons mark our lives. It’s every inch the superior to the group’s preceding recordings, and yet no marked changes have occurred within this iron-girded aesthetic. Simply, Nordlige Rúnaskog is the sound of OSI AND THE JUPITER at the height of their magickal powers, and we are all the richer for bearing witness to their plaintive paeans.

‘Nordlige Rúnaskog’ tracklisting:
3.Dødelig Fartoy
4.Much Wisdom is Such Grief
5.Ettr Storman
6.Nordlige Eik Tre
7.Grå Hest
8.Det Hører Til Skogen
10.The White Elk
11.Fylgja I (Blood of Yew) – bonus
12.Ymir – bonus
13.Fylgja II (To Tread the Path of Fire) – bonus

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November releases part 3: OSI AND THE JUPITER – Halls of the Wolf

Halls of the Wolf return…

November 15th will see the debut album by OSI AND THE JUPITER released as limited edition CD for the very first time!

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From its birth in 2015, the focus of the project has been on the spiritual connection between nature and the will of the old Gods – channeled through various representations of life, death, and rebirth, this connection speaks through these musical creations, resonating as wordless tributes to these nebulous yet fundamental concepts.

Osi And The Jupiter first publicly emerged in 2016 with the debut album ‘Halls of the Wolf’, it explores neo-folk with atmospheric acoustic hymns, bluesy, dark and eerie.

“this music would fit perfectly on the soundtrack to a show like Vikings.” – Invisible Oranges

Pre-order will be available in due time with all other November releases, info and update to follow.

OSI AND THE JUPITER ‘Halls Of The Wolf’ tracklisting:
2.Where The Wolves Dwell
4.Swamp Hymns
5.The Hollowed
7.These Ancient Bones
9.Dead Words


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November releases part 2: ATEIGGÄR – Us d’r Höll chunnt nume Zyt

A tribute to the masters of 90`s Black Metal !

On the 15th of November, we present ATEIGGÄR’s striking debut mini-album, ‘Us d’r Höll chunnt nume Zyt’, on 12″ vinyl and cassette tape formats.

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ATEIGGÄR (suitably, their moniker meaning “Initiator of Ideas”) was formed by Fauth Temenkeel and Fauth Lantav. While their lyrical universe is formed around alchemistic and mystic ideas stemming from the early modern period, ATEIGGÄR’s sound is deeply rooted in the traditions of second-wave black metal. Proudly purist yet not exclusively backwards-looking, the five songs comprising ‘Us d’r Höll chunnt nume Zyt’ – the band’s first public recording, a veritable bolt from the blue – compellingly create a tapestry of mysticism and splendor strongly breathing the air of the ancients, of staunchly ’90s-entrenched majesty and might, despite their relatively young age. Perhaps not surprisingly, the band is associated with Switzerland’s infamous Helvetic Underground Committee, but on their own merits, ATEIGGÄR are an exciting new proposition, a wily ‘n’ youthful twist on old-style black metal.

Pre-order will be available in due time with all other November releases, info and update to follow.

ATEIGGÄR ‘Us d’r Höll chunnt nume Zyt’ tracklisting:
1. En Seelefunke
2. Und d Korybante tanzed in Sturm
3. Us d’r Höll chunnt nume Zyt
4. En Blinde namens Duracotus
5. De Dämon us Levania



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November releases part 1: KRATER – Venenare

November releases part 1

We are proud to present the anticipated fourth album of Germany’s KRATER, Venenare, on CD, LP, Cassette and digital formats. Due for release on November 15th, 2019!

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With cover artwork courtesy of Misanthropic-Art and mixing & mastering handled by Esoteric’s Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios KRATER have gone full-force to deliver a great work for the ages. Furthermore, the first pressing of CD/LP will feature an additional slipcase with exclusive design.

Pre-order will be available in due time with all other November releases and we will notify about it in advance.

KRATER ‘Venenare’ tracklisting:

02. Prayer for Demise
03. Zwischen den Worten
04. Stellar Sparks
05. When Thousand Hearts
06. Atmet Asche
07. No Place for You
08. Darvaza Breeds
09. Wasted Carbon

A 50-minute work broken into nine songs but unified as one winding, widescreen composition, Venenare shows KRATER at the height of their all-too-considerable powers, a blinding and windswept vortex of sumptuous songcraft and passionate execution. Motifs slice and dice, blast and race with a grace that’s simply stunning, as melodic counterplay runs riot with a proud ‘n’ powerful assertion of classic metal sensibility. KRATER’s contours here undeniably exude a sleek and urban quality, but with abstracted hints of their pagan past subtly woven into the soundfield, the result is staunchly second-wave black metal bravely recast for the 21st century. ‘Venenare’ is thus timeless, yet forward-thinking all the same.

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