Screaming birth in blood and fire, VANUM – ‘Burning Arrow’ – CD edition and T-Shirt out now !

Burning Arrow’ is the second release from this collaborative project of K. Morgan (Ash Borer, Predatory Light) and M. Rekevics (Fell Voices, Vilkacis, Vorde). Following their debut album, ‘Realm of Sacrifice’ (on Profound Lore Records), the ‘Burning Arrow’ EP reveals a band both expanding their sonic palette and rigorously seeking the distillation of their own essence.

“Vanum’s new, armored self revels in triumphant melodies and sprints into battle with powerful, thunderous percussion.”
Invisible Oranges

“This powerful duo has found a sharp and exacting sound through Burning Arrow. Should this blazing path continue to be a part of Vanum’s repertoire, then they are methodically crafting a dynamic and formidable sound for the future.”

“Burning Arrow is a great place to start digging into Vanum, as well as the other projects these two exceptional musicians are involved with.”

“With the minds that are behind a project like Vanum, greatness is indeed the end result.”


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