Silver Oracle – BLAZE OF SORROW sign with Eisenwald

A decade on from their inception, Italian duo Blaze of Sorrow have signed to Eisenwald and will be releasing their fifth full-length album through their new label-home in 2017.

1m This latest record sees the band further explore the sorrowful, autumnal hues of their previous works, intertwining this with the darker atmospheres of the night sky. As the leaves fall from the trees in the final blaze of the setting sun, the moon’s silvery light emerges to paint ghostly tones across the landscape. Musically, the band take elements of early Katatonia and Agalloch, fusing them with an even deeper sense of regret, channelled through furious howls.

The band comments: We can now proudly reveal that our new album is going to be released by Eisenwald. With this new work we reached a new equilibrium and we finally had the opportunity to create something that perfectly rapresents our deepest shades. Close your eyes, clear your mind and listen to the trees. They will reveal you how insignificant we are and how important we could be.


“ un mare ghiacciato la mia marcia dirigo
cercando la fine del mio lungo castigo
se di scorger la stella sarò ancora degno
la solida acqua farà da sostegno..”

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