The harbinger of the next Osi And The Jupiter album – Eisenwald to release limited 7″ vinyl single “Grå Hest” worldwide on August 2nd, 2019.

Resounding here is the self-titled album track on side A, that combines the ritualistic echo of ancient lore within a profound pagan-folk ambiance.

The song narrates a part of the Völsunga saga, where Siegfried meets up with Odin disguised as a grey-bearded old man, and how Grani, the most beautiful steed and offspring of Sleipnir, became Siegfried’s horse.

Side B reveals the exclusive track ‘Autumn’, a tranquil, piano synth piece leading the way out of this first preview into the world of the upcoming Osi and the Jupiter record.

The upcoming full-length record “‘Nordlige Rúnaskog’ is set for a release in autumn 2019.

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